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Momentum is a Do It Yourself, community workspace where like-minded car and cycle enthusiasts get together and turn wrenches in a friendly, safe environment. It doesn't matter to us what you drive or what it cost.  All makes, models, projects, etc. are welcome in our shop. 

We provide assistance with your project if you need it.  We have the equipment to pull engines, transmissions, mount/balance tires, and perform routine maintenance/repairs. Shop atmosphere is very laid back.


We offer training classes, seminars, and special events throughout the year (checkout our events page & Facebook).

Shop space is available by reserving your work bay online, calling the office, or simply stopping by.


Answers to frequently asked questions.

What if I have never used a lift?

That's OK!  We provide complimentary training and orientation on lift usage and tool/shop equipment.  


Is the rental rate per person?

No, per vehicle.  Friends & family to help is OK!


Can I bring my own tools?


Do I just pull in a bay when I get to Momentum?

PLEASE pull in an open parking space either in our lot or on the street and WALK into shop.  We have traffic in & out and just pulling in creates a mess.


Is safety gear provided?

Yes, protective glasses, ear plugs and dust masks are provided for your use.

Are flip flops OK?

No, closed shoes are mandatory.  Athletic shoes, boots or safety shoes are OK.


What if I need an extra hand?

Just ask.  

Can I tow a vehicle there?

Yes.  We have limited parking available so if a vehicle is towed in we ask you to begin working on the vehicle. We do not want vehicles sitting for extended periods of time.  We do offer indoor storage for a fee. 


Is there a restroom?

Yes, we have a restroom available.

Can I just pay you to install a part?

No, we are not that type of garage.  The project needs effort and dedication from you.  We do offer assistance but the goal is for you to complete your project. 

Do you offer advice?

Sure.  Chances are likely that we have done a project or repair that you may have a question about.  Also sometimes having another set of eyes to look at something is helpful.

Is there a space to sit?

Yes, we have a lounge with TV.  Your welcome to hang out with us anytime.

Is smoking allowed?

We have a designated smoking area outside of the shop for safety.  

Can I bring snacks or drinks?

Yes.  We have a fridge if you wish to keep your items cold and a microwave to make them hot.

Can we host an event at Momentum?

We have hosted various functions at the shop; car club socials, tech sessions, bike nights, rally starting point, cookouts, birthdays, etc.  Contact shop to share your idea.

Can you explain the monthly membership?

Absolutely.  A membership is valid for 30 days once purchased. It is designed for 4-5 visits per month. We only ask that you bring one owned vehicle in at a time. Momentum doesn't offer annual memberships as we don't want to charge you for month(s) you may not use it (project done, vacation, sick, etc).


What happens if I make an appointment and the lifts are all in use?

Good question.  Rarely happens. We always build a 'buffer' between appointments but sometimes a repair just takes longer than expected. We've all been there before.  We'll do our best to get you onto a lift as soon as we can. 

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